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    THE COMPANY - Our Story


    Style, Quality and Creativity that are all ITALIAN!

    Born from the natural textile vocation of co-owners Mr.Ghelardi and Mr.Ricci, Adatex since 1977, has certainly come a long way in the textile business. During these years, it has always been faithful to its core inspirational principles, namely quality, exclusivity, and fair price.

    Synonymous with Italian fabrics quality rigorously Made in Italy, although one could also say “Made in Prato”,  Adatex uses all the craft and know-how present locally, and incorporates the technological innovations that research promotes, thus delivering unique and specific fabrics to its customers. Fabrics that rampant globalization cannot simply offer.

    Adatex is present on the domestic and foreign markets, offering clothing and furnishing fabrics. The range of fabrics that Adatex produces, includes: woolen fabrics, polyester, cotton and viscose, in mild and pure. The complete collection consists of solid color fabrics and fancy cloth (lines, scottish, printed, structured, imprinted, jacquard and perforated).

    In order to satisfy our customers’ requests, The company has been equipped with machines that allow it to produce small sizes as well as samples on request.

    By investing in our business, we have made available to our Customers a Finished Products storage that can satisfy the orders as quickly as possible and ensure the continuity of subsequent supplies.