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Made in Italy


To us, the quality of our products is not only tied to raw materials, which quality must nevertheless always be controlled and excellent, but also of proven origin, because “Made In Italy” is not just words, but an added value.


Textiles for all purposes


The range of fabrics produced by Adatex covers a wide range of uses and always guarantees the best performance of the project, whatever it is.


Adatex fabbricazione tessuti can now count on 40 years of presence on both the Italian and the European market. In this period of time we have been pleased to produce wool, polyester, cotton, mixed fabrics in both solid color and fancy cloth.


Adatex Fabbricazione Tessuti manifactures its own fabrics exclusively in Prato, utilizing the local experience and technical solutions present on the area, thus guaranteeing the quality of a “Made in Prato”


The ongoing market challenge constantly invites us to study new solutions aimed at offering specific solutions for the most diverse sectors. This service is constantly available to our customers.

The unbeatable quality of "Made in Italy" products

Guarantee of fabrics made in italy, with high-grade materials, tested and non-toxic dyes